Viennese Whirls

I was inspired to make these delicious biscuits while watching the contestants struggle with this task on The Great British Bakeoff.  You can find the recipe here.  Their origin is unclear, they appear to be from the UK but are inspired from Austria.  I would have thought that the name was a giveaway.  If anyone knows of thir provenance, please get in touch.

They are surprisingly simple to make, the most difficult part is piping them so that they look symetrical and elegant.  Mine were not exactly symetrical but tasted delicious.  I put some melted milk chocolate on some of them for an extra treat.

I shaped them both traditionally in a whirl shape and like an eclair which is my preference – mainly because it is easier to eat!

About Aoife

I enjoy making cakes and decorating them for family and friends. I am interested in swapping recipies and techniques with others interested in cake baking and decorating.
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