Strawberry Meringue

This is a strawberry meringue cake made at Christmas time as a lighter dessert than Christmas cake.  Meringue is handy to make when you have egg whites left over.  This tends to happen when I make custard which uses 4-5 egg yolks.  With 4-5 egg whites there’s enough to make a family sized meringue.

4 egg whites
200 g caster sugar

Make sure the egg whites are at room temperature.  Whisk them until stiff, add the sugar tablespoon by tablespoon until it is all combined.  The oven needs to be at a low temperature, 100 C.    It takes 40-45 minutes.  Then leave it in the oven until it cools.
I decorated it with cream and fresh strawberries.  You can use any fresh fruit that you like.

About Aoife

I enjoy making cakes and decorating them for family and friends. I am interested in swapping recipies and techniques with others interested in cake baking and decorating.
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