Christmas Chocolate Log Cake

This year I followed Mary Berry’s recipe for the Christmas Chocolate Log Cake.  I would say that the sponge was delicious but the ganache was a little too rich and dark for me.  Even though I used chocolate which had just over 50% cocoa content.  When I make it again (next Christmas!) I will be using milk chocolate – but that is probably down to personal taste.  However this looked good and was very easy to make.  I cut the log about 2 thirds the way down at an angle which made it more ‘log-like’.  I used a fork to make it look like a log, I did try to pipe it first, but the ganache was too stiff to use.  The fork was easier to use and gives the same effect as piping.  I sieved icing sugar over the top just before it was ready to serve on Christmas day.  I made the sponge 2 days in advance – and it still tasted moist and fresh on the day.  I put my upside-down santa clause figure, snowman and penguin beside the log.  I made a sprig of holly using a holly cutter with some green sugarpaste and put some plastic figurines on the top (‘Merry Christmas’ sign).

This was a rich dessert, but suitable for Christmas time.

IMG_8838I was looking over this blog and realised I forgot to add in the Christmas tree cake I made – I have a special tin for this.  I decorated it using cream cheese icing – coloured using green sugarcraft colouring & decorated it with coloured sweets & flakes for the bark.  This was very nice on the table for Christmas day.

Christmas Tree Cake

Christmas Tree Cake

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I enjoy making cakes and decorating them for family and friends. I am interested in swapping recipies and techniques with others interested in cake baking and decorating.
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